Unconventional Friends

I seem to have found some sort of log in Tuimala’s bag. Since it doesn’t contain nearly enough stuff about me, I shall take matters into my own hands. History, after all, is written by the victors. History should be written by me.

So I’m going to start before the incident in the cave, because the last person writing was inconsiderate enough to leave me out. How could they do that? I’m amazing, I should have stuff written about me besides “oh, the Paladin left us and now we got captured and stuff” or “oh I really wish the Paladin was there to save us” and all that junk. Anyway, while on the road to Ivalia, we came across a mysterious animal lurking near the trail. I wanted to investigate further, but the Bard who shall remain unnamed (that guy is a bum sometimes, really. I don’t know why I put up with some of these people) decided to go for the “shoot first, ask questions later” idea. His shots hit their mark, which turned out to be a Rust Dragon that had been bothering them for some time. The Dragon fled, but not before destroying some of the party’s armor and other metals. I decided that this was not someone we wanted as an enemy, so I followed after it to attempt some negotiations.

Now, while I was away speaking with this Dragon and trying to convince him to leave my party members alone, they decided they were well enough off without me. Smart idea. So they got captured (again) and no one heard from them for some time. Meanwhile, I befriended the Dragon and convinced him to join me on my quests. We came to the pass where my comrades were captured, and instead of being lazy and taking two days to get through like they did I got through before nightfall. On the other side, I discovered that they hadn’t appeared in town yet. So I decided to wait a little while for them to show up before going looking for them.

While I was waiting, a knight came by looking for reinforcements to go save my party members from certain doom at the hands of…whatever they found there. I don’t really know. So I decided to help out, and we went back to the pass to rescue them. When we arrived, they had picked up a friend of some kind. A construct, obviously evil in nature, was helping them escape. I was unsettled by this, but we agreed that he could come along as long as my Rust Dragon was there to keep him in check. We started to head out, and I let the Dragon run around and eat before going. My party was, of course, content to simply leave me there. As a result, some large explosion collapsed the cave entrance and I had to ask the Dragon to fly me out. Really inconsiderate people I work with.

So we went back to Ivalia, linked up, and got paid. Good times had by all, especially me.

And now you’ve had a more accurate portrayal of the events recently. You can thank me later.


Rewards and Capture!

Our adventurers persued the pirates from their lair to meet back up with the town knights that had accompianied them. The knights had intercepted the pirates as they had attempted to flee out the back entrance of their hideout. Apparently most of the pirates had managed to slip away, but the knights were still grateful for the discovery of another hideout.
The group was rewarded for thier efforts and decided to continue on their way to the capital of Ivalia where scholars dedicated to studying the corruption work. However their way was blocked by the Knights of Ivalia who had closed off the pass leading to the captial.
Told a cult had been preying on caravans and now knight patrols, the knights had decided to close the pass until a detachment of troops could be sent to clear it out. The adventurers had a different plan. They persuaded the guard to let them through the barricade to hunt down the cult.
They scouted out the pass moving quickly, as they would rather reach the capital than actually face the cult. With no encounters they called it a night finding a cave ideal for the task of sleeping the travelers.
An ambush hit them in the night. They thought they were prepared but the attackers used strange magical devices to gas them unconcious. They awoke later in a small cave sealed off by a reinforced door in the company of two strangers…

The Pirates' Harbor
When we last left our heroes, they were separated. Tuimala was captured and had been taken to the pirates’ hideout, while the rest of the group was waiting in the woods for her return and the return of their paladin with solders from the nearby city.

When the paladin, returned they set off into the woods following the chalk marks Tuimala had left on the trees as she went. They ended were she was captured. Tuimala had not been idle though. The next day after her capture, she had charmed a bat and had given it a written message to deliver to the rest of her party. After searching the area where Tuimala had been captured, this bat flew up to the group, and they received its message. It gave the location of the pirates’ hideout as well as some other information about them. Our heroes, with the solders from the city, crossed over the river and came up to the pirate hideout. The group’s fearless paladin walked straight into the harbor of the pirates. The result was a large explosion of fire from a booby trap. The solders ran into the woods to conceivably secure the other exit from the hideout. Our group followed the paladin into the harbor of the pirates. Tuimala was found, the rest of the prisoners were released, and they sailed away to safety on the pirates’ ships.
The people were saved and our group reunited, but the mission was not over yet. Our group still had the pirates to deal with, so they started moving deeper into the cave system searching for the leader of the pirates. They found some injured members of the pirate gang. Two of them slipped away deeper into the cave system, but another three the group found they were able to negotiate with, and they were tied up peacefully. With that handled, our group turned into the depths of the cave and the adventure to held.

Staying with some bandits
We track down some bandits, but I got captured

Dear diary,

I’m kind of upset, for several reasons. First of all, a rust monster destroyed a bunch of our metal stuff, including my masterwork dagger! That was a gift from the village when I left on my quest! This was outside of Humility. We learned that food is expensive in this region because there are so few farmers, so on the way to Vigilance, we did some hunting and sold the meat and hides in town. We learned that there were some bandits nearby and decided to try earning a reward. The others didn’t have much luck getting information out of a prisoner (so they tell me; the ale went to my head and I fell asleep in the jail and they had to carry me back to the inn. It’s a good thing Iisabard has become such good friends with me and Taisto, or he might have lost a hand when he picked me up.), so we decided to try tracking in the forest. Fortunately, nature is what I’m good at! We found some bandits tending to their wounded, and we decided I would follow their boats but remain hidden and leave marks for the others. Unfortunately, I was not on my game today, so I got discovered by the bandits. I told them I was a traveling healer, and they took me to their hideout to help them with their wounded. I did some doctoring, and now I’m in a cave of some sort, trying to decide which spells will help me tomorrow. I wonder how the others are doing. I don’t know what’s happening to them, and I certainly don’t know if they’ve heard any loud sounds that may or may not be the sound of teleportation.

Lots of love,
Tuimala Svanhildur

Made it to Providence!

Dear Diary,
Minton was a nice place to visit, but we needed to move on. I was able to talk to the local cleric and found out that people in the capitals of Rowanale and Ivala are researching this disease, which I found out is called the “Corruption.” The guys who helped me in the cave got some money from the Mayor for solving a kobold problem or something like that. I met up with them in the mayor’s office because the cleric told me the mayor would have a map for me. The mayor was nice and gave me a couple of maps that will help me find where I need to know. He set us up with this caravan of ore to be sold out of town which would take us south to Providence, which is in Ivalia. On the way to Brooksville we met a very nice gnomish salesman named Bob (which I thought was kind of strange because gnomes usually have longer names). He told me after we chatted a bit that his name is Billiam Bagsby. We looked at his stuff but didn’t buy anything. He had a guy in his wagon who didn’t like to see people, but I think Rogaine got a look at him. You’ll have to ask him. In the city of Abode, we noticed that people were wearing heavy clothing, even though it was nice weather outside. They said they were miners from Kiln and that they always dress like that. South of Tarry, we found some travelers that had been burned to death by something like alchemist’s fire but more powerful. The others killed some orcs there. We made it to Providence where the others got their bodyguard pay and, I think, sold some stuff. Thrip and I found a haven for corrupted and talked to this tree-lady healer about the corruption. We found out that there is no cure or treatment she has heard of, and that she doesn’t trust the people who research it in Rowanale or Ivalia. I learned that the corruption doesn’t always kill most people, which is what I thought, but sometimes changes them, like Thrip. She also said that gnomes are corrupted, but I don’t believe her; gnomes are gnomes. I just want to find a cure for this. The alchemist’s guild said that they’ve heard of this thing that’s like alchemist’s fire but more powerful. They would have liked some to study, but we didn’t have any. They did tell us that it tends to come in artifact form or something. We’ll wait for the next day to decide what to do.

Lots of love,

The Story so Far...

After slaying the evil mage, our heroes searched his camp finding some minor treasures. However, on the orc’s body Iisabard found a carved skull with a mysterious shine. He has pocketed the artifact quietly, hoping for some private gain.

Upon leaving that cavern and arriving at the cavern with the pit, the party encountered the invading kobolds, healthy and panicking. Through some deft diplomacy they avoided another confrontation as the reptilians evacuated the mines.

Stepping out into the sunlight, our band has come a across a town revived. Everyone is in celebration at their miraculous recovery from the disease. Our heroes now go about their business, resolving things with the mayor, making some money on the side or preparing to journey out again.

The Story so Far...

After narrowly escaping thugs and the law, Stirfry and Tiberius found themselves partners tracking a group of rebel corrupted mages. This group of mages, known as the Haven, were acused of stealing and kidnapping from a nearby town in the nation of Kiln.

Upon arrival, the group encountered a crafty bard, IIsabard and a strange group of paladins going by the name “Circle of Justice”. This group of paladins had been aiding the town in defense, and were actively persuing the haven. Upon following some leads the trio encountered a conflict between a monk, sorceror, and representatives of the Circle of Justice.

Tiberius, a paladin, was able to determine the paladin representative was a fake, and the group rescued the monk, Kuuva, and the sorceror, Thrip. After following a tip from IIsabard, the group was able to expose the Circle of Justice as smugglers, thiefs, and slavers.

After this success the group was delibrating where to go (and how to split the reward) when they were intreated by a weak messenger to come to the aid of an obscure mining town on the border of Kiln and Rowanale. Upon arrival it was discovered the entire town had come down with a mysterious sickness, and had recently been driven from the town’s profitable mines by a Kobold raid. When they tried to retake the mines they found themselve too weakened by disease to interfere.

The group took up the fight and made their way through the heavily trapped cave system. When Kobolds were encountered the group found them terrified, sick, and heavily confused. The group bypassed most of the Kobolds and strove deeper into the caves. A near deadly encounter with a fortified group of Kobolds convinced the group to leave the frightened creatures alone and find the real source of this disease.

They found the cause deep in the heart of the mine, down a forgotten tunnel. A lone orc mage battled the group attempting to overwhelm them with a blinding mist and disease amplification spells. The strength of Kuuva was demonstrated as he swiftly defeated the orc ending the magical disease’s effects. Apparently the orc mage had been poisoning the water supply with a magical disease intent on killing the town for an unknown motive.

We left the group camping near the cave containing the spring and the Orc’s camp.


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