Made it to Providence!

Dear Diary,
Minton was a nice place to visit, but we needed to move on. I was able to talk to the local cleric and found out that people in the capitals of Rowanale and Ivala are researching this disease, which I found out is called the “Corruption.” The guys who helped me in the cave got some money from the Mayor for solving a kobold problem or something like that. I met up with them in the mayor’s office because the cleric told me the mayor would have a map for me. The mayor was nice and gave me a couple of maps that will help me find where I need to know. He set us up with this caravan of ore to be sold out of town which would take us south to Providence, which is in Ivalia. On the way to Brooksville we met a very nice gnomish salesman named Bob (which I thought was kind of strange because gnomes usually have longer names). He told me after we chatted a bit that his name is Billiam Bagsby. We looked at his stuff but didn’t buy anything. He had a guy in his wagon who didn’t like to see people, but I think Rogaine got a look at him. You’ll have to ask him. In the city of Abode, we noticed that people were wearing heavy clothing, even though it was nice weather outside. They said they were miners from Kiln and that they always dress like that. South of Tarry, we found some travelers that had been burned to death by something like alchemist’s fire but more powerful. The others killed some orcs there. We made it to Providence where the others got their bodyguard pay and, I think, sold some stuff. Thrip and I found a haven for corrupted and talked to this tree-lady healer about the corruption. We found out that there is no cure or treatment she has heard of, and that she doesn’t trust the people who research it in Rowanale or Ivalia. I learned that the corruption doesn’t always kill most people, which is what I thought, but sometimes changes them, like Thrip. She also said that gnomes are corrupted, but I don’t believe her; gnomes are gnomes. I just want to find a cure for this. The alchemist’s guild said that they’ve heard of this thing that’s like alchemist’s fire but more powerful. They would have liked some to study, but we didn’t have any. They did tell us that it tends to come in artifact form or something. We’ll wait for the next day to decide what to do.

Lots of love,


riscvul Alaum

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