The Story so Far...

After narrowly escaping thugs and the law, Stirfry and Tiberius found themselves partners tracking a group of rebel corrupted mages. This group of mages, known as the Haven, were acused of stealing and kidnapping from a nearby town in the nation of Kiln.

Upon arrival, the group encountered a crafty bard, IIsabard and a strange group of paladins going by the name “Circle of Justice”. This group of paladins had been aiding the town in defense, and were actively persuing the haven. Upon following some leads the trio encountered a conflict between a monk, sorceror, and representatives of the Circle of Justice.

Tiberius, a paladin, was able to determine the paladin representative was a fake, and the group rescued the monk, Kuuva, and the sorceror, Thrip. After following a tip from IIsabard, the group was able to expose the Circle of Justice as smugglers, thiefs, and slavers.

After this success the group was delibrating where to go (and how to split the reward) when they were intreated by a weak messenger to come to the aid of an obscure mining town on the border of Kiln and Rowanale. Upon arrival it was discovered the entire town had come down with a mysterious sickness, and had recently been driven from the town’s profitable mines by a Kobold raid. When they tried to retake the mines they found themselve too weakened by disease to interfere.

The group took up the fight and made their way through the heavily trapped cave system. When Kobolds were encountered the group found them terrified, sick, and heavily confused. The group bypassed most of the Kobolds and strove deeper into the caves. A near deadly encounter with a fortified group of Kobolds convinced the group to leave the frightened creatures alone and find the real source of this disease.

They found the cause deep in the heart of the mine, down a forgotten tunnel. A lone orc mage battled the group attempting to overwhelm them with a blinding mist and disease amplification spells. The strength of Kuuva was demonstrated as he swiftly defeated the orc ending the magical disease’s effects. Apparently the orc mage had been poisoning the water supply with a magical disease intent on killing the town for an unknown motive.

We left the group camping near the cave containing the spring and the Orc’s camp.


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