Rewards and Capture!

Our adventurers persued the pirates from their lair to meet back up with the town knights that had accompianied them. The knights had intercepted the pirates as they had attempted to flee out the back entrance of their hideout. Apparently most of the pirates had managed to slip away, but the knights were still grateful for the discovery of another hideout.
The group was rewarded for thier efforts and decided to continue on their way to the capital of Ivalia where scholars dedicated to studying the corruption work. However their way was blocked by the Knights of Ivalia who had closed off the pass leading to the captial.
Told a cult had been preying on caravans and now knight patrols, the knights had decided to close the pass until a detachment of troops could be sent to clear it out. The adventurers had a different plan. They persuaded the guard to let them through the barricade to hunt down the cult.
They scouted out the pass moving quickly, as they would rather reach the capital than actually face the cult. With no encounters they called it a night finding a cave ideal for the task of sleeping the travelers.
An ambush hit them in the night. They thought they were prepared but the attackers used strange magical devices to gas them unconcious. They awoke later in a small cave sealed off by a reinforced door in the company of two strangers…


riscvul riscvul

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