Unconventional Friends

I seem to have found some sort of log in Tuimala’s bag. Since it doesn’t contain nearly enough stuff about me, I shall take matters into my own hands. History, after all, is written by the victors. History should be written by me.

So I’m going to start before the incident in the cave, because the last person writing was inconsiderate enough to leave me out. How could they do that? I’m amazing, I should have stuff written about me besides “oh, the Paladin left us and now we got captured and stuff” or “oh I really wish the Paladin was there to save us” and all that junk. Anyway, while on the road to Ivalia, we came across a mysterious animal lurking near the trail. I wanted to investigate further, but the Bard who shall remain unnamed (that guy is a bum sometimes, really. I don’t know why I put up with some of these people) decided to go for the “shoot first, ask questions later” idea. His shots hit their mark, which turned out to be a Rust Dragon that had been bothering them for some time. The Dragon fled, but not before destroying some of the party’s armor and other metals. I decided that this was not someone we wanted as an enemy, so I followed after it to attempt some negotiations.

Now, while I was away speaking with this Dragon and trying to convince him to leave my party members alone, they decided they were well enough off without me. Smart idea. So they got captured (again) and no one heard from them for some time. Meanwhile, I befriended the Dragon and convinced him to join me on my quests. We came to the pass where my comrades were captured, and instead of being lazy and taking two days to get through like they did I got through before nightfall. On the other side, I discovered that they hadn’t appeared in town yet. So I decided to wait a little while for them to show up before going looking for them.

While I was waiting, a knight came by looking for reinforcements to go save my party members from certain doom at the hands of…whatever they found there. I don’t really know. So I decided to help out, and we went back to the pass to rescue them. When we arrived, they had picked up a friend of some kind. A construct, obviously evil in nature, was helping them escape. I was unsettled by this, but we agreed that he could come along as long as my Rust Dragon was there to keep him in check. We started to head out, and I let the Dragon run around and eat before going. My party was, of course, content to simply leave me there. As a result, some large explosion collapsed the cave entrance and I had to ask the Dragon to fly me out. Really inconsiderate people I work with.

So we went back to Ivalia, linked up, and got paid. Good times had by all, especially me.

And now you’ve had a more accurate portrayal of the events recently. You can thank me later.



riscvul RedBaron

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