Gnome druid with a wolverine companion


Strength 9
Dexterity 13
constitution 14
intelligence 16
wisdom 17
charisma 12 (though she should get a circumstance bonus to charisma for being so cute)
Initiative mod 1
Fortitude 5
Reflex 1
Will 6
AC 12
HP 18


My full name is Tuimala Stiina Taru Krysia Inkeri Ragnhild Adamska Maiara Ailen Kielo Ulriikka Sinikka Vuokko Tuulikki Ragnhildur Svanhildur, but you can call me Tuimala. My wolverine is named Taisto.

I was raised in a small village high in the mountains where there is snow much of the year. Because of our village’s small size and remoteness, we ignore, and are in turn, mostly ignored, by the coalition. Our community is very close to nature, and while not worshipping any particular deity per se, believe that all life comes from a harmony between the elements of the earth and sky. Happiness comes from respecting the balance of life and nature. As such, we do not have clerics, but druids that help maintain that balance. I discovered a love, not just of nature, but of nature lore as a child, spending hours at a time observing the growth of life in the forest or the movement of the stars above. I became a druid with all of this in mind. A plague has recently come to our village, and we have no cure, so I have left to explore the outside world and see if there is a cure. (I had some motivation to leave because the man I was engaged to be married to broke it off because he said he was in love with another and it wouldn’t be fair to me, but I think it’s because I’m three inches taller than him [I’m pretty tall for a gnome, you know]. My official reason for leaving the village is to find a cure, but my secret reason [which I will tell no one unless it happens to come up in conversation, which it might because I like to talk] is that I wanted to get away from my ex, Jarmo.) I travel with my pack, my staff and my wolverine companion, Taisto. (did I mention I was good at taming the untamable?). I travel downhill with no knowledge of when (if ever) I shall return.

Like most gnomes, I am very good with my hands. I can fashion good tools out of wood using my trusty utility knife. I am an expert of knot tying and always have a length of cable with me. My traveling companions (if any) will find that I am good at setting up pranks, too. This connects with my abilities of woodworking as well as other forest craft skills. My druidic training gives me a knowledge of forest creatures and plants to rival any ranger. I can also navigate by the stars and have a good sense of direction. I was a village healer, of above-average skill. And I’m good with animals. And the cold.

Fermented fish. No, seriously, if the opportunity for a good prank presents itself, I can’t resist. Oh, you meant things I’m not good at? Well, I’m not very tall or strong. I don’t have any fighting experience. Never really been in any battles, even. I generally depend on Taisto to protect me. I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I’m friendly and have a good bedside manner, but my meeting-new-people skills need a lot of work, since I haven’t met anyone new (except for babies) since I was a young child. I have a hard time with “first impressions” because that is a very foreign concept to me. I also have a tendency to talk my mouth off in company. I sometimes say very awkward things. That’s kind of a bad habit. Because I come from a colder climate, I don’t like it when it’s so hot. It makes me sluggish. I also can’t really swim. I mean, I know, as a druid I should be able to, but the water in the mountains is so cold, you know?


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