The Goddess Alista is revered as the creator and guardian of this world. She encourages peace and understanding and openly opposes warfare. There are many tales of Alista interposing herself between warring armies and calling fire from heaven to destroy those would would not stop fighting.

The Codex Alista states that the goddess descended upon the world 330 years ago and found it in chaos and ruin. With the power of her pure voice, she transformed the land into a paradise and formed humanity. She placed humanity upon the earth and gave them instructions to watch over each other and avoid confrontation. Since then, she has guided and watched over humanity as they have developed. The Disciples of Alista maintain she founded their order at this time and left them a stewardship to encourage righteous living among humanity.

It is commonly accepted the Goddess exists and aids humanity. However, there are many who disagree and have other beliefs. Some believe the Goddess is an elaborate hoax developed by the Disciples of Alista; others think she is a false and fallen god who has imprisoned the true god of this world. Others feel Alista is simply a manifestation of humanity’s desire for the spiritual and unknown. Whatever the truth, Alista rarely manifests herself unto groups of people. It is typically unto the Voice of Alista and certain people in dire need. There are many soldiers who swear she has fought with or against them, but it is hard to verify these stories.

Her appearance is the same in almost every witness account. A young woman in her early twenties, beautiful, with long golden hair, and blue eyes. She outfit is always a brilliant combination of blue and white with a tiara crowning her head.


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