Codex Alista

The canonized book of scripture upkept by the Disciples of Alista. The first half consists of historical records and approved eyewitness accounts of the history of humanity and Alista’s watchful guidance over them. This material is continuously updated and added to.

The size of the first half is limited to 1000 pages, and any material exceeding this limit requires the creation of another volume. Therefore, the Codex only contains a brief summary of the formative years, and mostly contains recent, applicable material.

The second half of the Codex contains sermons and instructional material. Many of these sermons are reportedly given by Alista herself. This half is also required to be 1000 pages and extra material is placed into other volumes. Only the best sermons make it into the Codex.

The existence of printing presses makes the codex attainable, but expensive, for most people. However, chapels established by the Disciples of Alista always carry several copies for the viewing and reading of their parish.

Codex Alista

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