Cult of the Lost God

Founded by corrupted outcasts this cult has been growing in popularity with the rising tide of corrupted and downtrodden individuals. The cult believes, depending on who you ask, that Alista either replaced or defeated the true God of this world and took the world for her own. The true God has now returned to reclaim his world and restore it from the sanitized image of Alista to the natural and diverse paradise it once was.

The cult is not organized or structured, but typically in each group there is a Voice selected who speaks for the lost God. Worship typically revolves around sacrifices that vary from gold or goods to human lives. Typically sacrifices are meant to build up supplies for revolts or riots, but some Voices have been known to use their position for gain and ‘favors’. Followers distinguish themselves with a brand on their bodies and secret signs which vary from group to group. In order to disguise their brand and promote anarchy they will often brand non-believers as well.

This cult is condemned by the Disciples of Alista and they actively attempt to find and expose cult members to authorities to punish those that tarnish Alista’s name. As a brand is often enough proof in some courts, many innocents have been punished.

Surprisingly, this cult does not have a strong influence in Salsian in light of its high level of corrupted individuals. It is strongest in Torgal, Lystia, and Alaverr, but reaches throughout all of Pacifica.

Cult of the Lost God

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