Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina (God in the Machine), or the Machine Cult as outsiders call it, believe artifacts and technology are gifts of the Great Artificer. That technology and artifacts are superior to all other concerns and becoming one with scientific and magical creations is the highest pursuit of life.

The Great Artificer is a spiritual entity that exists in and gifts the creation of machinery. It guides the hands of its devoted followers to both understand existing creation and discover new creations. It seeks to bring others to the same level of awareness as itself by helping its followers become one with creation.

Most followers of this cult are forge masters and craftsmen. The majority come from Arnhem where the cult began. They have a series of rituals and sacred symbols they practice and share with each other. Most followers, particularly in Arnhem, use the cult merely as a powerful networking tool. It is easy to meet great craftsmen and convince them to talk candidly about their craft inside the confines of a cult meeting. Only a few devote themselves to the true teachings of the cult. Most of these seek to bring about their goal by studying and mimicking the actions of the human body using machinery.

The Disciples of Alista frown upon this cults teachings, but do not openly denounce those who are members.

Deus Ex Machina

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