Forefather Cult

Present since the creation of the world, the Forefather cult believes in the power of their early ancestors. The farther back the ancestor rests, the more powerful they have become. Most believe their first ancestors (ones present during the creation) are gods and goddesses like unto Alista. They worship their ancestors and try to emulate their behavior good and/or bad.

Although most people think of it as a cult, it is not organized and in reality is more of a personal belief. It is generally practiced in two forms.

The first is mere reverence for ones ancestors. Typically shrines are constructed where family history is meticulously recorded and time is spent at these shrines communing with the spirits of one’s ancestors. Some worshippers believe they recieve inspiration and revelation during these visits.

The second form involves the complete emulation of ones ancestors trying to win their favor and succeed where they did not. The older the ancestor the better. Many isolate themselves from civilization in order to be more aware of communications from their ancestors.

The cult is constantly at odds with the Disciples of Alista where as the cult does not condemn the mistakes of their predecessors and even embraces them, the disciples condemn all selfish actions. Another great cause of contention is the fact that some cultists believe that Alista murdered their original ancestors (or imprisoned them) in order to usurp power over humanity.

The cult is most commonly seen in Midvale, Rowanale, and Salsian. Midvale has a great following due to the old family clans established in the area.

Forefather Cult

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