The Haven

The Haven of the Forsaken is an organization devoted to the aid of corrupted and the development of their skills, e.g., the training of wizards and sorcerers who cannot obtain training through conventional means. This typically ends up being corrupted individuals who have been outcast from traditional schools. They provide shelter, supplies, and expert teachers to those who will aid the cause of the Haven and return the favor as often as they can.

The Haven is often accused (or guilty) of harboring fugitives and unwanted members of society. It is forced to hide in the shadows, staying away from the watchful eyes of the law. Although this means it is usually judged as an unlawful and unsavory organization, in actuality, the members simply don’t judge those that come unto them.

The Haven is scattered throughout the continent, and although it does not appear to have any central leadership, it is very well organized. Members of the Haven are given code-phrases to identify themselves to other members. Members are also expected to serve and aid other members whenever possible.

The Haven is often closely affiliated with the Cult of the Lost God. Officially, there is no tie, but many members participate heavily in cult events.It is a sharp debate within the leadership of the group as to whether or not this is a healthy relationship.

The Haven

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